February 7, 2010

Twins Target New Look for Inaugural Season

In preparation for the move to a brand new home, the Minnesota Twins have lightly freshened up their identity and uniforms for the 2010 season.

The primary mark, which had been in use since 1987, features the Twins script overlaying a poorly-drawn baseball with an underlined, serif MINNESOTA inscribed at the top. The updated vesion features the same elements, but also adds a blue circle around them, creating the always popular club seal that has always been popular in the sports vernacular. Whereas, the previous logo looked disjointed and lacked cohesion, the new mark makes an attempt to bring the elements together into a composition, albeit an all-too expected one. Although the mark is stronger on the whole, it suffers a bit at a small size. The now darker maroon script starts to blend into the navy ring in a way that appears to truncate the club name to 'win' (a convenient, albeit undesired coincidence). Also, the 'BASEBALL CLUB' type in the ring, which appears to be set in the Friz Quadrata typeface, really starts to lose legibility. The secondary mark, which features just the Twins script over the baseball, is really much stronger. The script really stands out much better than any mark they've ever had, and the red color of the script looks sharp on top of the red stitches on the nicely-rendered baseball. With a mark this nice, it just seems unnecessary to have the blue ring as in the primary mark.

While the pinstriped home uniforms remain the same for the most part, the Twinkies will sport brand new road and alternate uniforms. The former road unis were in dire need of an overhaul, so this is a well-deserved refreshment. To start, the underlined M that used to adorn the entire uniform package has now been officially relegated to alternate cap status. The road cap will now feature the much more interesting (not to mention historic) TC logo, but will have a red brim. The pinstripes are gone, replaced by red and blue double-piping at the neck and sleeves. Although this looks great on the pullover uniforms popular in the 70s, it just doesn't look as nice on the button ups. The road uniforms will also feature a newly-drawn script Minnesota. The script, underlined, slightly upward-angled hometown script has become all the rage in baseball these days, as the Orioles and Nationals both adopted it last year. While the Washington script is very well executed to be clean but not sterile, the Baltimore and Minnesota scripts lack character, and look like they have been cut from the same mold. The first thing that came to mind with the new Minnesota script is the Milwaukee powertools logo, makers of the ever-popular Sawzall.

Perhaps the best part of the updated package is the brand new alternate uniform. Following a recent trend in baseball, the Twins are joining the cream-colored renaissance. The pinstriped alternates feature the original, unaltered Twins script from 1961 across the chest, and namesless blue numbers on the back. The left shoulder also features the two twins shaking hands logo, which was the original primary mark for the Twins back in 1961. In taking their inspiration entirely from the past, baseball finally got this one right, top to bottom. The cream and pinstripes are classy, the script is unique, and the adornments are fun, meaningful, and invoke memories of past. A perfect way to christen a beautiful new ballpark and bridge the gap in eras of Minnesota Twins history.

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